January 14th, 2014

Hello Tumblr.  I honestly know nothing about this website.  I guess the first thing that I need to do on here is learn how to get people to follow our posts.  That seems to be the way with all social media.  

The Light Speed Heart released music online through SoundCloud and created a Facebook page last Wednesday night.  Since then, we, collectively, have put a ton of effort into promoting the music, sharing the music, getting people to like our page, etc.  It’s fucking hard, but, considering we’ve never played a show, we have a decent amount of “likes” and “plays.”  We’ve done pretty well creating a small buzz, but maintaining that buzz is proving to be the more difficult part.

Why all the effort, right?  It’s impossible to make it today, right?  Neil Young said that in the 60’s, but people are still making it.  And we’re going to make it.

This music, to me, takes me out of myself.  Thus far, this has been my main reason for writing, producing, recording, promoting, etc. it.  

It’s hard work, it’s emotional work, and it’s spiritual work.  The result?  Growth.  Growth, growth, growth, growth.  Spiritual growth, emotional growth, growth as a leader, growth in a community, and growth between friends.  Do I like making myself vulnerable and putting this type of information on the internet?  No.  I don’t even like posting the music sometimes because I’m terrified that people won’t like it.

I still am sometimes.

I’m going to try and post on this blog every night, and hopefully it will develop a following and TLSH can become a name that people remember when they’re alone, in love, feel like killing themselves, etc.  

That’s all for now,

Alex T. - The Light Speed Heart